• Single Family (1-4 units)
  • Apartments
  • Vacant Land (Industrial, Residential, Commercial)
  • Residential Subdivision Analysis (Raw land, Tentative map, Final map & Finished lots and houses)
  • Vineyards/Wineries
  • Proposed Development/Construction (Commercial and Residential)
  • Appraisal Review
  • Whole and Partial Takings under Eminent Domain
  • Ground Leases
  • Residential Acreage
  • Relocation Valuations
  • Estate Valuations
  • Historical Valuation date back to 1983
  • Court Expert Witness
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Dissolutions

How are homes appraised?

         Commonly, home appraisers use the Sales Comparison Approach to determine the market value of the property. The Sales Comparison Approach involves collecting information on recently sold homes that are similar in their design and location to the Subject property.

We select comparable homes that are the most similar to the Subject property in terms of location, livable area, room count, age, condition, upgrades, lot sq. ft, view (Lake, Golf Course, Ocean, Etc.) and amenities such as a pool and/or garage. We find these recently closed comparable sales by researching the local Multiple Listing Service which can be dated back to the early 1980's,  and Tax Records. From this research, we narrow down the recently sold comps to a minimum of five sales that are the most similar to the property that is being appraised.

Positive and negative adjustments are made to the comparable sales for differences between them and the subject such as the quality of the home, and living area. From this, we get the adjusted sales price of the comparable sales and the appraiser reconciles these adjusted values to indicate a range in which the value indication for the subject will fall.

Residential Property

Area served

Residential (1-4 family)

   -Alameda County (southern county) 

  • Fremont, Newark, Union City, Hayward, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore​​

   ​​-Contra Costa County (east county)

  • San Ramon, Danville, Diablo, Blackhawk, Alamo, Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch, Pittsburgh, Discovery Bay, Byron​

   -San Joaquin County

  • Tracy, Manteca, Lathrop

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Our appraisal assignments are used in litigation, financing, dispute and resolution, partnership dissolution, estate planning, acquisition and sale, eminent domain and asset management.

From our Livermore and Discovery Bay locations, RAI serves a diverse client directed market accepting valuation assignments in Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara, San Mateo, San Francisco and San Joaquin Counties, from attorneys, CPA's, government agencies, lenders, individuals and corporations. 

Steps taken to determine Property Values

  1. Research the market to obtain information pertaining to sales, listings, pending sales that are similar to the subject property.
  2. Investigate the market data to determine whether they are factually correct and accurate.
  3. Determine relevant Homes of comparison, and develop a comparative analysis for each.
  4. Compare the house being appraised to comparable home sales according to the elements of comparison and adjust as appropriate.
  5. Reconcile the multiple value indications that result from the adjustment of the comparable sales into a single value indication.